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Watching Movies

Watching Movies

Hey, who really watches and listens to a movie on headphones..? Nope, me neither -- it's all games and tunes man! But we'll give it a go regardless. You know what, I'll start with the T word, we start with Transformers 2 in DTS, despite the critique I can't help but really dig the movies. Hey, perhaps it's nostalgia or... just the fact that part 3 didn't have Megan Fox in it -- *sighs*

Corsair Vengeance 2000 headset

The movie starts with that intro bassy gooey noise, it's sounding nice and crisp, deep bass, excellent. I actually referred to it as the goo-goo-goo-ga-ga-gaaa sound to the girlfriend at the very beginning, but darn man -- I'm afraid I may have activated some of her hormones making goo-goo-goo-ga-ga-gaaa sounds :(

Pun aside, downstairs I have a HTPC Onkyo / Bose Accoustimass 5.1 setup and know that this particular 'goo-goo-goo-ga-ga-gaaa' noise exits to your rear right. Being virtualized surround both the Tunguska's do not even come close. It's stereo... really good and wide stereo I have to state that. Skipping into the movie we notice that Tunguska's are great for voice, actually. Where Prime starts with 'Earth... birthplace of the human race' will nearly give you goosebumps as Opti has that nice phat bass undertone. Overall the clarity is good. In one of the explosions I heard the rubble come down to the ground, and I swear the audio editors used ping-pong balls in there. That's how clear it sounds.

Virtual surround on the 7.1 set keeps haunting me though, laser shot sounds did not 'exit' behind me so that remains the only problem, though I'm being horrendously nitpicky. But my opinion of surround sound headphones stands as it is, it is nothing like having a true surround system. I watched roughly half an hour of the movie and do have to mention that the headset remains comfortable. During movie playback we left the Xear surround setting in Hall mode and the EQ tweaked to increase treble and bass.

Overall OK would be it for both sets. 

The inevitable comparison with Corsair's initial headset, the HS1; we find that they are very similar in sound. Both the V2000 and the HS1 have similar bright characteristics, with not a lot of bass (unless tweaked in the EQ). But overall the V2000 is an excellent headset for videos, gaming, Skype, and listening to music. Let's move onwards to the conclusion though.

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