Antec 850W HCP Platinum power supply review

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Antec 850W HCP tested - the move from Gold to Platinum 

We review the Antec 850 HCP Platinum power supply, the HCP series has been around for years. For Antec the HCP series is their finest series in which they put a lot of R&D and quality control. The HCP 850W model however has received an upgrade (High Current Pro) this model WAS a gold certified model but is replaced with this version, a Platinum efficient certified product, meaning that the PSU can pimp and show off the most efficient power supply label available the channel offers. Next to that some smaller changes have been applied as well. We see an OC link embedded in this 850W model. This connector will allow two power supplies to be installed in the same computer case without the need for external adapters. It connects the power-on wire (green wire) of the two power supplies, making them turn on and off at the same time. Something handy for a handful of extreme multi-socket CPU overclockers boards.

Next to we notice that the cables, sleeves and connectors have had an upgrade to receive an all black design. Forms, shapes and sizes, power supplies come in a wide variety these days. The trend lately is making the most energy efficient models though. Bronze, Silver, Gold but Platinum is what you want really, however the upper stack in hardware remains expensive. Today we're testing what seems to be amongst the most efficient power supply we have had in our hands, it originates from the chaps at Antec. Antec, a company known for amongst others their chassis, enclosures, power supplies heck even audio gear under another name. Recently they submitted their all new HCP (High Current Pro) 850W power supply. Their gold model has been selling for a year or two now but is gonna be replaced with this version. It was further improved and got a 80 plus Platinum certification, meaning the PSU can pimp and show off its most efficient power supply label available in this bizz. Our model 850W Platinum certified is scary silent and 100% modular and can be spotted for roughly 180 EUR. If that isn't enough, Antec will top off the PSU with a seriously sexy 7 year warranty. That just oozes value, features and lifespan. Antec must be really sure of this PSU series to be able to offer that kind of warranty.

So today we peek at the Antec HCP 850W Platinum series PSU. A PSU loaded with features and top notch efficiency, it certainly surprised us in a very positive way. Have a peek at the product and then let's head onwards into the review.


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