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Please, feel free to contact us. Please do file a form or send requests for help if you are experiencing problems with your computer hardware. For that please post your questions in our discussion forums.



With millions of pageviews monthly Guru of 3D is one of World's leading Interactive Entertainment and PC Hardware fan sites. The site was founded in the Netherlands and provides up-to-date news on latest developments in the interactive entertainment industry and in-depth reviews and articles targeted at the PC enthusiast and gamer. covers the hottest hardware such as video cards, mainboards, cooling solutions for overclockers, 3D soundcards and interesting gaming peripherals.

The Guru of 3D staff is always asked for advices on what PC peripherals to buy, and we help our users with logical solutions, answers and information. The Guru of 3D is targeted at the average PC Enthusiast who craves the need for gaming with his ultimate PC Rig. With a daily updated news front, the catch of the day is just a URL and a mouse click away. Email us.

You can find the privacy policy here.

For advertising sales, please contact Hilbert Hagedoorn. As a professional publication, we employ a strict divide between editorial and commercial sections of the publication.

Review submissions and samples 
To submit a product for review on the Guru of 3D, please contact Hilbert Hagedoorn. Our review policy is in line with industry standards - do not hesitate and contact us for more details.

The  Guru 3D is constantly looking at and accepting new volunteer editors at our site. If you think you can be a useful asset to us, then please contact us for a dialog. 

Visit our forums where dedicated staff and thousands of end-users can help each other out.


Senior staff

  • Hilbert Hagedoorn (editor in chief)
  • Krzysztof Hukałowicz (senior editor)
Editorial Staff

  • George Panayiotou
  • Ian Barling
Forum moderators

aircool - asder00 -  Glidefan - IcE - KFleshman - Morbias - nm+ - - rflair - Unwinder - vbetts - WhiteLightning


Safety & security

Bringing security concerns to the attention of, we encourage you to email us at if you believe you have discovered a vulnerability in our platform. We do not offer a bug bounty program with cash awards, however, is pleased to recognize the time and efforts of security researchers in our Security Hall of Fame, which may be found below. Vulnerability reports will always be acknowledged; however, because we are a small staff, we would appreciate your patience after submitting your report.

Security Hall of Fame

Individuals and professionals who have responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities and collaborated with us to remedy them will be listed below. We thank you and want to recognize you for your efforts.

  • Faizan Ahmed from the Alpha Inferno team.

Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to provide by disclosing information in a responsible manner.


NLUUG Download Binary Distribution

We are honored at Guru3D that we can offer our audience nearly unlimited downloads in regards to drivers, demos, benchmarks and of course in-house tools like AfterBurner, RivaTuner RTSS, GeForce Tweak utility, Radeon Pro, Display Driver Uninstaller, all for free. We strongly believe in an open and free download platform. To make this happen we are backed by NLUUG, a group of experts responsible for promoting Open Systems and Open Standards, based in the Netherlands. NLUUG provides us and you a fast file-mirror backbone. Currently, we are tied into their distribution network which offers a 10 Gbit/sec carrier (bandwidth). We're proud to have partnered up with NLUUG.

Please give NLUUG a visit here.

Contribute and donate if you use AdBlock software

Using an AdBlocker?, these handy applications really are hurting our website badly. We currently have to forfeit 50% of our income due to AdBlockers. If you use AdBlock scripts please consider a yearly donation (whatever you feel comfortable with).

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