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MSI Afterburner is the ultimate graphics card utility, developed by the Guru3D RivaTuner team. The Beta releases sometimes have an expiration limit, the stable and final build releases do not. We always recommend using a final build. We have written a GeForce series overclocking guide right here as over time a number of things changed like Curve based tweaking as well as automated tweaking. Not just that, we have also updated RTSS, our statistics server that enables the overlay with MSI AfterBurner to offer DirectX 12 overlay support. Please read the full release notes for all changes (as there are quite a few of them). Have fun tweaking. Does your overlay not work anymore after an update? Please perform a full uninstall of RTSS and AfterBurner (with profiles removal) and then perform a CLEAN install of it.

A lot of fake sites are hosting downloads with malware. Only and are legally allowed to distribute MSI Afterburner; the same is true for Rivatuner statistics server, Rivatuner CORE application, and RTSS-related files.  

Our advisory is simple: if it's not published here on in the news or download section, then it's not an official public version leaving you at risk, potentially even downloading a vulnerable version at an external website. For that reason alone be very wary if you download MSI Afterburner from an external party. Our distribution is safe, and is the only way for you to know if downloads have not been tampered with, are unstable, or even vulnerable. 

Version 4.6.6

  • Ported to VC++ 2022 compiler. Please take a note that due to this change MSI Afterburner will no longer be able to start under Windows XP. Please stay on the previous versions of the product if you need this OS support
  • Please take a note that size of mandatory VC++ 2022 runtime redistributables roughly doubled comparing to the previously used VC++ 2008 redistributables, and we’d like to avoid providing overblown application distributive, drastically increased in size due to bundling newer and much heavier VC++ redistributables with it. To deal with this issue we provide our own original tiny web installer for VC++ redistributables, which allowed decreasing the size of final application distributive drastically even comparing to the previous VC++ 2008 based version. Please take a note that install time can be increased slightly due to downloading VC++ 2022 runtimes redistributables on the fly during installation. If you install MSI Afterburner offline, you can always deploy required VC++ 2022 distributives later with web installer by launching .\Redist\VCRedistDeploy.bat
  • Added voltage control support for AMD RADEON RX 7800XT series graphics cards
  • Added some future NVIDIA GPU PCI DeviceIDs to hardware database
  • Now MSI Afterburner reinitializes skin scaling engine on DPI scaling change events to prevent cases when GUI looks cut off in some cases (e.g. after switching between display resolutions with different DPI scaling settings)
  • Fixed instances enumeration for some performance counters with no localized names (e.g. GPU related Windows performance counters) in PerfCounter.dll plugin
  • Added experimental support for "Beta : Use Unicode UTF-8 for global language support" option enabled in administrative regional OS settings. Now each localization description file contains additional "Codepage" field, defining runtime ANSI to UTF8 conversion rule for selected language pack
  • Seriously revamped German and Ukrainian localizations
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v7.3.5:
    • New version’s changes list is huge, it includes more than 90 compatibility enhancements, changes and new features including programmable conditional layers support, PresentMon and NVIDIA Reflex integration

Version 4.6.5

  • Added NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40x0 series graphics cards support
  • Added voltage control support for GA103 and GDDR6x based versions of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti
  • Added AMD RADEON RX 7900 series graphics cards support
  • Added total board power monitoring support for AMD RADEON RX 7900 series graphics cards
  • Added some future AMD and NVIDIA GPU PCI DeviceIDs to hardware database
  • Added Intel Arc GPUs support to hardware monitoring module. Please take a note that Intel Arc GPUs overclocking and tuning is currently not supported due to Intel hardware control API support limitation to x64 applications only
  • Added experimental support for Intel 13th generation CPUs
  • Added experimental support for AMD Ryzen 7xxx CPUs
  • CPU usage data sources in hardware monitoring module have been switched to alternate implementation based on NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessorIdleInformation), because traditional legacy idle time reporting in NtQuerySystemInformation(SystemProcessorPerformanceInformation) is broken in current Windows 11 22H2 builds
  • Added workaround for broken fixed fan speed programming API (Overdrive 5 compatible fallback path) for old Overdrive 7 GCN GPUs on 22.5.2 and newer AMD drivers
  • Added config file switch for disabling native reliability voltage control API on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 9x0 series graphics cards and forcing legacy P-state 2.0 voltage control API usage on such hardware. Power users may use this switch to bypass voltage control lock on NVIDIA Maxwell series graphics cards on release 515 and newer drivers families
  • Improved correction formula parser with data format conversion, rounding and min/max functions support
  • Added OCMailbox based bus clock frequency monitoring for Skylake and newer Intel CPUs. Unlike traditional legacy timestamp clock based bus clock frequency estimations, OCMailbox provides support for overclocked BCLK monirtoring. Please take a note that access to OCMailbox is blocked by design of OS when HVCI is enabled
  • Improved SMART.dll monitoring plugin. Added temperature monitoring support for NVMe devices, including the secondary controller temperature for some Samsung NVMe drives
  • Default clock frequency limit of voltage/frequency curve editor window has been extended to 3.5GHz. Please take a note that you may still customize the limits via config file if necessary
  • Update server location changed to new URL inside update checking system. Old update server location reached EOL

RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v7.3.4

  • New version’s changes list is huge, it includes more than 100 compatibility enhancements, changes and new features. We continue improving OverlayEditor plugin and the most of improvements are related to it, we strongly recommend you to try it if you still use legacy MSI Afterburner’s On-Screen Display output functionality
  • New version also includes upgraded DesktopOverlayHost utility, which can be used to display overlay right on your Windows desktop or on small external display mounted inside PC case similar to AIDA64’s SensorPanel

Version 4.6.4

  • Added new MSI Windows 11 themed skins (Light and Dark editions) by Drerex design
  • Added voltage control for reference design AMD RADEON RX 6700 XT series graphics cards
  • Added experimental support for Intel 11th generation CPUs
  • Added experimental support for Intel 12th generation CPUs
  • Added experimental support for mobile AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Fixed issue with missing memory temperature sensor on AMD RADEON 5700 / 5700 XT series graphics cards
  • Fixed issue which could prevent MSI Afterburner from opening from tray via main application icon after accessing properties via clicking monitoring tray icon
  • Increased memory overclocking limit for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30x0 series graphics cards
  • Added workaround for internal DirectInput issue, which could cause hotkey handler to stop processing hotkeys correctly after locking/unlocking PC from keyboard with <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<Del> or <Win>+<L>. To bypass it MSI Afterburner is resetting hotkey handler state after lock screen transition now
  • Optimized monitoring profiles switching implementation for situations when profiles contain different sets of data sources displayed in monitoring tray icons
  • Application tray icon is DPI aware now:
    • OS level tray icons scaling is disabled now to prevent tray icon text distortion. Power users may revert back to the previous DPI unaware tray icon rendering mode via configuration file if necessary
    • Added new bigger tray icon fonts for >=150% and >=200% DPI scaling ratios. Power users may also select tray icon font independently of selected DPI scaling ratio via configuration file if necessary
  • Application installer is DPI aware now
  • RivaTuner Statistics Server has been upgraded to v7.3.3



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