Review: BLUETTI AC200L Portable power station

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We review the BLUETTI AC200L Portable power station, it provides a reliable backup power solution, swiftly switching to battery power in power cuts to ensure uninterrupted operation of sensitive devices. With a 2,400W output, expandable battery capacity, and fast charging, it's an ideal choice for various power needs and emergencies

Blackview Shark 8 (8GB/256GB/64MP) Smartphone Review

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In a market characterized by increasing prices, an examination of the Blackview Shark 8 smartphone becomes relevant to understand its value proposition. Recognized as a notable brand in online retail spaces, Blackview's Shark 8 has garnered attention in its category as this smartphone has 8GB RAM/256GB storage, a 5000 mAh battery and a 64 MPixel main camera. It is time to evaluate whether investing less than €150/$150 in this smartphone model is a viable option for consumers seeking cost-effective solutions.

ASUS ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair review

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The ROG Destrier Ergo Gaming Chair boasts a design influenced by cyborg aesthetics, incorporating an exoskeletal structure that lends a futuristic touch to any gaming setup. However, this review will focus on the technical aspects rather than marketing jargon, meet the Destrier.

Eagle Consus I-Series SATA to USB review

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Here in the EU, decent external storage solution here costs like 60 maybe even 80 EUR easily. Which is over a hundred USD. So when the company Eagle contacted me and asked if I wanted to look at some of their devices the first thing I did was look at their pricing ... and I was shocked (in a good manner).


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OnAir Solution's USB HDTV-GT is a moderately priced, but full-featured HDTV adapter for your PC. It doesn't have the couch potato appeal that a real TV has, but this probably works better than your TV. With the GT you'll be able to record or pause your shows at up to 1080i resolutions, pulling from cable (QAM, unencrypted) or over the air. It will even do analog, while it lasts. Best reception of OTA signals does take a little fiddling with the antenna, but just a nudge can make all the difference. Highly recommended.

AlphaCool External 240x128 Display

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Today we are testing this cute External LCD-Display with the colossal 240x128 Pixel dimensions. Now that by itself is cool, but the software controlling the unit is where the magic happens. You can display pretty much any system info, yet it goes way beyond that. RivaTuner is supported, Fraps, Mainboard Monitor (MBM), SpeedFan and it does not stop there.

3D Galaxy II & Blue Eye Water cooling review

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As you guys know by now water-cooling is one of the most efficient ways of cooling down a CPU. And it's not just efficient, it's usually very quiet to the ears and it can look fantastic in a system. What we'll be testing today is a water-cooling kit called 3D Galaxy II (GH-WIU02) and additionally to that kit something called the Blue Eye, which is water block for graphics cards that you can buy optionally with this kit.

Icy Dock MB559US-1S review

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Ok lets kick off this review of the ICY DOCK MB559US-1S external storage drive rack by saying wow! This little baby is a lot more than just a fun toy, it's a powerful tool with a thousand and one uses. Now there have been a lot of reviews on external data storage devices so I am hoping to put a new spin on this product.

Scythe Ninja Plus CPU Cooler

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An old chinese wisemen once told me that a problem that plagues today's computers is the heat produced by the CPU. A little while ago when enthusiasts were on the lookout for a high performance cooler, they had to compromise, and that compromise was to be found in the noise department. Performance and silence didn't belong in the same sentence. If people wanted performance, they usually needed to buy a cooler that would either create a mini cyclone in their case, and most probably, sound like a jet airplane getting ready to take off.

Calmer Fanless 300 Watt PSU

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Without a doubt the Calmer 300 Watt Power Supply is an admirable product. It states 300 Watt on the box but it has a little peak backup that will make sure you can stress it towards 350 rather well. Keep in mind that the ambient temperature of your PC case will rise a little though. Nothing to worry about, but like I said it might be an issue for hardcore overclockers.

WiDio Wireless Audio - Review

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What is Widio you ask ? Well my fellow guru's a Wireless Audio Device. It's a gadget that I just had to show you in a review, so the minute it became available Albatron submitted it for a test. Widio is a small wireless audio transmitter and receiver device that broadcasts on the 2.4 GHz band at a rate of 2Mbit per second. You can connect to towards for example your DVD, CD, MP3 Player, PC or even XBox for all I care and then broadcasts that signal to the range available, roughly 40-50 Meters.

Creative Labs MuVo TX

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The 31 grams weighing one AAA battery powered MUVO ladies and gentlemen is next to being a storage device also a voice recorder and hey ... you know what ? It can also playback music in MP3 and WMA format. It's equipped with fast USB 2.0 port, has a nice little LCD which you can use to select music and for example change the 5 band graphical equalizer.

Coolermaster Musketeer review

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It seems that in case modding today, thermal monitoring devices that go to the front of the case, are becoming more and more "of the trend". Those little gadgets get more and more attention for companies that are into case modding producing products with LCD displays, dials and the works. But for those that want to remember the old analog ages or those that want something different, the Musketeer is here.

Logitech MX310 Optical Mouse

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The step up from ball mice being main stream to optical supremacy has been a quick, yet painless evolution on our computer desktop. If many of you dont have one, maybe now is the time to consider one.

Creative Labs Jacket Contest

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A few weeks ago we posted a review on Creative labs Europe's 3D Blaster 5 FX 5900 Ultra. To celebrate the release of that card, Creative Labs Europe will give a small selection of sites (five I believe) the oppertunity to give away a leather jacket to commemorate the launch of the product.