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Alphacool External LCD-Display Copyright 2006


External Alphacool LCD-Display 240x128 Pixel Blue neg. silverInfo: AlphaCool

Okay admit it; you are a reader and that means you are at the very least an enthusiast hardware geek. So every now and then you see something really expensive yet you go "ooh" I've got to have that and buy it. Something similar happened to me. See the guys from AlphaCool from which we reviewed a couple of products in the past already (check that Alphacool Ready2Go Stacker (Passive) review out, it's really a must see) have recently released something funky. I think I have found a very sexy product that falls under the categories of catchy, bling, totally unnecessary yet it's also a complete "must have".

You don't believe me ? Well check out the photo and tell me you disagree ? Or do you agree to disagree ? See because when you Agree to disagree or "agreeing to disagree" that refers to a situation where two or more people or groups of people resolve conflict by reaching an agreement whereby both sides tolerate but do not accept the views, opinions or position of the other side. Both sides typically "agree to disagree" where they recognize that further conflict is unnecessary, ineffective or otherwise undesirable.

They may also remain on amicable terms while continuing to disagree. "Agreeing to disagree" is a common phrase in English which may be better described as a situation where the parties agree that they disagree. Right again .. look at that picture and tell me disagree :)

Anyway, AlphaCool is a German based company that specializes in wide range of cooling and (pre-)modified solutions. Their "core" business however is water-cooling. Browsing through their product line will amaze you as whether you need a single small component, pre-modified water-cooled PC or even a complete PC water-cooled, this is a really good place to do your shopping. They are slowly expanding their line-up with other cool stuff, in this case small LCD displays. You can order their products online but also through a various e- and retailers here in Europe. They offer IRC support, support through phone, email and forums. So from a generic perspective they are looking quite good.

Today we are testing this cute External LCD-Display with the colossal 240x128 Pixel dimensions. Now that by itself is cool, but the software controlling the unit is where the magic happens. You can display pretty much any system info, but it goes way beyond that! RivaTuner is supported, Fraps, Motherboard Monitor (MBM), SpeedFan and it does not stop there.

Did I tease you enough already ? Well come on down to the next page then ! 

Alphacool External LCD-Display Copyright 2006

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