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Our biggest packed and loaded segment in Guru3D are our hardware reviews. In here you will find anything and everything from graphics cards towards the latest tablets.

PC Buyers Guide 38

This is the PC Buyers Guide - Guru3D Style ... First off a small note about this editorial, this section is written by our long time forum moderator and editor, David Gunning (DarkWeasel). In this section we'll keep you up-to date on what we think is recommended to buy if you are building a new gaming rig.

Game reviews 124

In this segment we have a peek at some of the latest games. We'll look at them Guru3D style, meaning we mostly test game performance versus hardware.

Articles & Guides 58

Guides, contest and interesting editorials is what you are going to find in here.

Affiliates 12

We host a number of software find out what software we support.

Guru3D VGA Charts 3 is brings you the "Guru3D VGA Charts". The VGA charts is a much requested feature by you, the readers. The VGA charts is simply put a selection of games in which we will show you performance numbers (measured by average framerate).

Guru3D events and tradeshows 19

Join us and follow us on our trips towards exhibitions around the world liek Computex, CeBIT, CES, GamesCom and many more.

The Guru3D Rig of the Month 153

We just adore hardware. And sometimes some you guys really make a PC that really stands out. We ask you to answer a few simple questions and send in photo's of your rig. Each month we'll have a look at the entries and perhaps pick you as a winner.