Calmer Fanless 300 Watt PSU

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A Calmer Fanless PSU

Product: proSilence Fanless PSU
Manufacturer: Amacrox GmbH

Model Name: AX360-PFL01
Power Provided: 300W
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC Full range
Frequency: 47Hz ~ 63Hz
Input Current: 3.0~5.0A
Efficiency: 89%
Power factor: Active PFC
Noise: 0dB
Over voltage protection: +5V, +3.3V,+12V
Hold-up-time: 17ms
Dimension: 140(L)X150(W)X84(H) mm
MTBF: >100,000 hours

Have you guys ever heard from a company called Amacrox? Me neither, perhaps things are about to change a little. Amacrox is a German based company that focuses on innovative designs. Their product line includes a large range of computer peripherals and consumer electronics, all meticulously produced to enhance the consumer's standard of PC usage.
Recently they launched new fanless power supply products in the "Calmer" series, for the user who is looking for better performance, higher efficiency and a completely silent solution. Somewhere in July we received their newly introduced Calmer PSU rated at 300 Watts. So here we go, a power supply review. So what's this thing about a more silent PC you ask? Well, I remember a few years ago that PC's did not need such aggressive cooling, Think about it, a few years ago PC's were much more silent then they are now. That's what intrigues me, a more silent PC.

So buying yourself a power supply these days is a harder task then you'll initially think. How much power do we need, how much money are we willing to spend, should it be SLI/Crossfire capable, should it be silent, should it have good looks for a case mod ? .. and that's just a few factors.

What we are about to test today is a fanless PSU, a heavy beast as the PSU is actually cooled down by big internal heatsinks. The "Calmer" as stated is rated 300 Watts and although that does not say everything, we can however assume it is sufficient for low and mid range PC's and Home Theater PC's that require silence.

The Calmer was of course delivered in a box, a very heavy box I must say. It immediately became clear to me why these PSU's are so expensive. This is really solid material; the heatsinks are huge and heavy. I mean the PSU weighs 2.2 kilos. In the box we find a power cable and a small manual.

When we look at the specifications on the PSU we'll notice the following:

Voltage Max Output
+3,3 Volt
20 Ampere+ 5 Volt 20 Ampere+ 12 Volt 14 Ampere-12 Volt 0,8 Ampere- 5 Volt 0,8 Ampere+ 5 Volt STB 2 Ampere

3,3v*20A = 66W + 5v * 20A =100 W + 12v *14A =168 W + 12v * 0.8A= 9.6 W + 5v * 0.8A= 4W + 5v * 2.A= 10W =357.6 Watts giving us some reserves. When we do a rough calculation this info would bring us over ~360 Watt. When we look at the model name we notice that magic 360 in it, AX360-PLF01.

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The calmer - a heavy piece of machinery

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