Eagle Consus I-Series SATA to USB review

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1 - Eagle Consus I

Eagle Consus I-Series SATA to USB 2 Bay JBOD External Storage

Product: Consus I-series external USB storage device
Manufacturer: Eagle
Information: Eagle
Street price: $35

Eagle Consus I External USB storageWith each year that passes it seems we have an intensely increasing hunger for storage capacity. This is why HD enclosures and external storage have grown pretty big over the past few years.

Face it, the internet opened up a can of options, and with the increasing bandwidth we get for downloading, we face storage issues. Games, movies and music we need HD space for. Next to that we like to be portable, take along games or music to friends and relatives, though institutions like the RIAA, BSA and what not don't like it, it's the reality of the era we life in.

Certainly next to being mobile with your data there are other situation where you need to opt for external storage. For example your SATA/IDE ports could be occupied completely. Here in the Netherlands you easily can get external storage devices yet strangely enough, everything in Europe is pretty expensive. You might even want to look overseas and have something sent from the USA due to the current exchange rate.

Here in the EU, decent external storage solution costs like 60 maybe even 80 EUR easily. Which is over a hundred USD. So when the company Eagle contacted me and asked if I wanted to look at some of their devices the first thing I did was look at their pricing. I was shocked (in a good way).



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