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rounddefault-herculesprovie.jpgProduct: Hercules ProphetView 920 ProManufacturer: Hercules
MSRP: 499
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In todays review, we are to take a closer look at an LCD screen from Hercules, the ProphetView 920 Pro to be precise. Personally I'm a huge fan of LCD screens. I work behind the PC at least 7-8 hours a day, and I don't know if you guys ever get a little blurry/dizzy with CRT monitors when you overdose on PC time but I sure did. So it was about two/three years ago that I bought my first LCD screen. Ever since that moment I just loved it. I can spend way more time behind the PC right now and do not have any weird complaints anymore.

In the three years a lot has changed though, the first LCD's had very little contrast and the viewing angle was just plain terrible not to mention the interpolation modes. Last year I bought myself a Compaq 7020 17" LCD and once that baby was hooked up I was convinced, LCD is the future, LCD is the way to go. Low power consumption, razer-sharp image quality and hey you are sitting behind a diffuse lamp so it's harmless compared to that old phosphor cannon that emits god knows what. LCDs have dropped in price significantly, they are now on a level, standard and size that will make them available to the mainstream consumer and that will have an effect on it's pricing.

Many manufacturers jumped the LCD train and among them Hercules, with their successful ProphetView series. A series that is designed with the gamer in mind. A product for an acceptable price with a good response-time. Response-time ? yes .. response-time .. you see. The higher the response-time the higher an effect will occur named 'ghosting' in 3D games, ghosting is an effect that can be best described with only one word, afterglow. If you play high-framerate games then with the older series LCD screens 30-35ms you'd notice this phenomenon. the 15" ProphetView already minimized that issue with it's 30ms access-time, but of course the newer generation LCD's will lower that number even more. The product we are reviewing today is such a product. It's the ProphetView 920 Pro, it's a 17" screen with a response-time of 20ms, the ghosting days are over and the best thing yet, it can do 1280x1024 at 16.2 million colors.

the ProphetView 920 Pro

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