Backforce One Plus Gaming Chair review

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Backforce One Plus Gaming Chair review

Backforce is a new gaming chair brand that roots and stems from Germany, we review the One Plus gaming chair, which can be completely customized, up to even the color scheme. The company behind it is the office chair manufacturer Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG that got founded far before yous truly was even born, 1961. In Germany as such, it is a leader in office chair design and manufacturing. Subsidiary Backforce was established in 2019, and despite its babyhood, it has already established a presence in the most important gaming competitions. The One Plus gaming chair oozes ergonomics, features, and configurability. 

  • Material - plastic (PU)
  • Colour (seat area/backrest) black/blue
  • Seat width - 530mm
  • Seat depth - 380-445mm
  • Seat height (adjustable)  - 410-530mm
  • Backrest  - 970mm, tiltable
  • Armrest  - yes, height-adjustable, laterally adjustable
  • Floor suitability  - universal
  • total height - 1300-1410mm
  • Resilience - 130.00kg 
  • Special features - gas pressure damper, teeter function, synchronous-mechanics, lumbar support, LED lighting
  • Warranty  - 10 years

Being the PLUS model, this means there has been an older model on sale as well. Backforce has completely redesigned its original 'One' chair and added a slew of new features to make it even more functional. A proper gaming chair is extremely important for daily use in general, but it is especially significant in these modern times when people have more "Home Offices" and spend more time sitting at home than in past generations. Consider taking a break from working in an average chair in the dining room or on a sofa, which, while comfortable at first, does not provide the proper posture for lengthy periods of time in front of a computer display. It would be excellent to make a small investment in a good (arm)chair, which your spine will be extremely grateful for. A decent product should provide excellent comfort and allow the user to keep proper posture while playing or working, which cannot be claimed about the cheapest Chinese constructions available on the market today. Also, many (but not all) offers to place a great deal of emphasis on the appearance/colors, and even certain carbon fiber or even RGB parts, rather than on the most important factors.  

The One PLUS series should be pleasant for people who are taller and heavier. Here in the EU, guys are bigger than in other parts of the glove. I'm one among them, standing at 197 centimeters tall and weighing in at a substantial amount of 88kg. The chair weighs almost 30 kg and has a total height of up to 141 cm above the ground, with a seat height ranging from 41 to 53 centimeters above the ground. The seat width is 53 centimeters wide. The backrest measures 97 centimeters in length and 53 centimeters in width, and it can be tilted up to 135 degrees. The armrests are quite substantial, measuring 24 cm in length and 8.5 cm in width. They can move forward and backward, up and down, at an angle, and left and right. In addition, there is a tilt mechanism as well as added configurable lumbar support, which is controlled by a knob on the side. All these facts combine to create a comfortable seat for taller individuals; the basic design makes it an excellent fit for offices as well. The new Backforce One Plus is presently available for around 650 euros, a number that is staggering. But it might actually be worth it. Let me first show you what we're talking about today.


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