Backforce One Plus Gaming Chair review

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Taking a closer look

A closer look

The product is presented on one side of the neutral cardboard box that houses the chair. It also includes a list of the most significant characteristics. The delivery of the Backforce One Plus was a highlight. Due to the fact that Backforce brought the One Plus already built, we were able to sit immediately after removing the bubble wrap. A plus is that shipping protection for the wheels is now available, which was not available on the One, and so the wheels arrived with evidence of wear.


If available, the Backforce One Plus will be delivered immediately and within 5-7 business days. Prices obviously will vary depending on your geographical location. 


The package is rather hefty (about 30 kg), the courier was clearly not looking forward to delivering this one.


Even said, given that this chair is intended for those who are taller than average, the size and weight of the package shouldn't come as a surprise, especially given that everyone wants the chair to arrive in pristine shape. Everything was wrapped and well-padded, ensuring that everything arrived in perfect working order. Opening it reveals a myriad of separate pieces, screw,  spacers, aluminum foil bags, and smaller boxes inside.  


 The following items are included in the package:

  •   Accessory storage box
  •   5D Armrests 
  •   Instructions for Assembling
  •   Chair's foundation
  •   Backrest of a chair
  •   Mechanism for tilting
  •   Wheelbase


 The following items can be found in the accessories box:

  •  There are five wheels.
  •  Hydraulic stand
  •  Sleeve for hydraulics
  •  There are two side coverings.
  •  Two covers for the side levers
  •  M8 screws are required.
  •  There are four washers.
  •  Axel key (also known as an Allen key)

The instructions are concise and include detailed details of each step. I would suggest that you recruit a second person to assist with the assembly. However, installing it all by myself did not present to be an issue. If you started to wonder, not the chair is not electrically controlled, you can insert a logo LED at the backside of the char that'll light up when pressed. The USB cable charges that led light's battery.

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