Backforce One Plus Gaming Chair review

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Specifications and characteristics

Specifications and characteristics

Interstuhlis a firm founded in 1961, is the company behind the new Backforce brand. This is typically associated with ergonomically sound workplace chairs. It has detected the signals of the times and incorporated its seasoned expertise into a top-of-the-line series gaming chair. The original Backforce One quickly became a household name due to its apt moniker. Backforce launched its second gaming chair, the Backforce One Plus, on a solid existing platform that has been significantly enhanced with additional features. Backforce attempted to improve upon an already excellent product. The One Plus now features an adjustable seat that may be inclined, flattened, or expanded, cushioned armrests, and lumbar support that can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Additionally, the One Plus features bigger mixed floor rollers and unique 5D armrests that adjust in all directions. Long-standing features like the dual-core seat, the tried-and-true synchronous mechanism, the fold-down armrests, the personalized patches, and a Gamer-Pulse LED remain and are included in the One Plus's standard equipment.

Some key elements of the char that can help you find the perfect configuration for your 'premium 'sitting experience are:

Very Refined Lumbar support

With the One Plus's endlessly adjustable lumbar support, Backforce has further enhanced ergonomics and addressed it in a technically sound manner. Really, we have never ever tested a gaming chair that offers so much support for your back. In contrast to many other gaming seats brands, the lumbar support is secure and very nicely padded. 

A new adjustable lumbar support's depth may be modified through a rotating knob on the underside of the seat. By pulling the knob and turning it again, the lumbar support's height may be changed freely. We extended the lumbar support minimally because we were already getting along well with the One. 

Armrests and its five dimensions

The Backforce One Plus's 5D armrests are also new. Recently we tested the Noble HERO, which had 4D arm rests .. well now you may rotate them as well, and that creates 5D armrests. As with the One, the armrests may be folded back and altered in height. What is also new about the armrests are the features of the support surfaces. These may now be twisted approximately 20 degrees to the right and left, as well as pushed forward and backward, as well as in and outward. On the outside of the Backforce One Plus, the redesigned armrests with detachable cushioning instantly attract attention. These cushions are upholstered in the same plush fabric that covers the seat and backrest. The armrests' real fabric is moderately plush, and you like resting your elbows and hands on it. 

Adjustment of seat depth and tilt

Backforce equipped the One Plus with seat depth and tilt adjustability. This was particularly noticeable during the test, since the seat can now be moved straight up and forward. The latter adds approximately 8cm to the seat's length. When seated, the resultant gap at the seat's end may be seen but not felt. The One Plus's seat tilt adjustment is positioned on the front right. The lever for altering the seat depth is located in the center, on the right. You should absolutely stand up to adjust the seat.


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