Backforce One Plus Gaming Chair review

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Final Words & Conclusion

Final Words

Backforce has managed to satisfy us with the One Plus. In any event, the One Plus easily wins the comparison due to the vast degree of customization available with its ergonomic qualities. I do feel that the chair is more of a seat for those with back issues or people that care about ergonomics. you can see that they applied their knowledge of professional office chairs into a gaming chair, and not the other way around. Yeah, as far as ergonomics go, we doubt it can be any better than this. As far as gaming chair looks go, you might find a chair in the liking of Noble chairs a nitch nicer to look at.


If we had to select one feature on the Backforce One Plus that we didn't care for, it would be the 5D armrests, we found the rotating function to be unnecessary. Because of the 5D features and the freedom of adjustment, it is very easy to make unintentional changes. Even pressing your arms at the end of the rests, can make them move. I mean, bump the armrest towards your desktop and it'll have repositioned itself. Other than that all of the chair's technical features are extremely well implemented and it oozes quality, the chair is covered by a ten-year warranty.



One thing we'll all agree on is the fact that these chairs are not cheap. The One Plus is still built entirely by hand in Germany, these are not cheaper China-based parts and labor. I have a gut feeling that shipping around 30kg is adding to the total cost of manufacturing also. But in the end, the money invested might just pay off. You will immediately find that the chair represents fair value for the features it provides. It offers an incredibly comfortable seat. Good to mention is that the chair is manufactured in a resource- and environmentally-friendly manner is 100 percent recyclable, and is equipped with a variety of distinctive characteristics. The Backforce One Plus allows virtually every user between 150 and 195 cm in height to sit comfortably for a lengthy amount of time. In particular, we liked how the lumbar support could be adjusted in both the horizontal and vertical directions (horizontal and vertical). The price has recently increased from roughly 610 to 650 now towards to 690 Euros (incl VAT and transport) because to the addition of various new features, we do (still) feel that the pricing is fair reasonable given the expanded number of options available to customers. The chair is totally handcrafted in Germany with some outstanding craftsmanship, it is also backed by a 10-year warranty, and comes with an impressive array of additional features and accessories. Comfort is incredibly important, and so is the condition of your back. The chair’s design is comfortable and adapted to people with larger dimensions - large, fully adjustable armrests, wide and high backrest, deep seat. If you can afford such an expense, you won't regret it. However, it's just an enormous amount of money for what in the end is a fantastic chair though. 


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