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rounddefault-creative-muvot.jpgCreative Labs MuVo TX 256 MBManufacturer: Creative Labs
199 (160 USD on Guru3D PriceWatch!)

You know, times really have changed haven't they? The digital revolution has been so big and fast that it sometimes astonishes me. Take for example the MP3 revolution, I mean... when I was young (sigh) we had a walkman. A portable cassette player. It was followed shortly by the portable CD player, MD player, DAT player and then MP3 CD players. Yet the thing with all of the devices I just mentioned are that they are sensitive to bumps/movement and they are heavy to carry around. Not exactly the best for jogging around with, huh? Another revolution is the one of flash memory. Over the past 2 years we've seen capacity grow and prices drop.

The industry is clever, you take two popular technologies, combine them and unleash it on the market. Today's product belongs in that category, it's the MUVO TX from Creative Labs. With the help of a USB interface (2.0 compatible), flash memory and a wide range of playback options, this is one of the more popular portable music players around and today we'll have a peek at it.

The MUVO weighs in with one AAA battery at 31 grams. The MUVO, ladies and gentlemen, is close to being a storage device, also a voice recorder and hey... you know what? It can also playback music in MP3 and WMA format. It's equipped with fast USB 2.0 port and has a nice little LCD that you can use to select music or, for example, change the 5 band graphical equalizer.

Let me introduce by photo, the MUVO TX armed with 256 MB flash memory a device that ca do so much that it's weird to see it in your hands and realize exactly that.

Creative Labs MuVo TX 256 MB - White body with a graphite battery pack

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