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Creative Labs MuVo TX

Goodies and Gadgets 22 Published by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0

The 31 grams weighing one AAA battery powered MUVO ladies and gentlemen is next to being a storage device also a voice recorder and hey ... you know what ? It can also playback music in MP3 and WMA format. It's equipped with fast USB 2.0 port, has a nice little LCD which you can use to select music and for example change the 5 band graphical equalizer.

Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility 7.0

Mainboard drivers - Intel 69 Updated by Hilbert Hagedoorn 0

This version of the Intel Processor Frequency ID Utility has been updated to support the new Intel Xeon Processor, Pentium 4 processors, Mobile Intel Pentium 4 processors, Pentium III processors, Mobile Pentium III processors with Intel SpeedStep technology, Pentium III Xeon processors and Intel Celeron processors with 66, 100, 133, 400, 533 , and 800 MHz system memory bus products, as well as adding new processor identification functionality (CPUID).