.kkrieger, a 3D game in 96k!

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The project was started two years ago and since then many, many hours of our spare time went into developing .kkrieger. Still, in the end we didn´t have time for the most important thing: gameplay. So expect some major improvements in our next releases.
However, we enjoyed making .kkrieger a lot and are quite satisfied with the end result and now we are eagerly awaiting your comments.  So if you have any feedback, may it be acclaim, critique or bug reports - please feel free to write us. Every email is highly appreciated!
(No, wait - don´t send us bugs until the final version - we know enough already wink.gif

We will definitely release an uncut "final" version with some more kb, enhanced content and less bugs, soon. (The first thing we'll do after this release is relax for some time, though.

.kkrieger is designed as a trilogy. At the moment we can not tell if and when we will find the time to develop the next chapters, though. We will keep you informed on our homepage...


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