Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review

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Attitude One Tunguska 2.0


We find the Tunguska 2.0 to be very comfortable. The earcups have a covering mesh coloured fabric with dimensions of 65mm x 52mm. That's a fairly good size, unless you have ears like a donkey of course. 


The earpads are coated in a soft PU leather that should lend itself to good comfort. The inside of the headband has the same material, yeah very comfortable and is closes the ear really well. The microphone blends in with the overall looks of the headset and can be moved up and down. Unlike many other headsets the mic is not removable.


The stereo 2.0 version of the Tunguska comes with a mic and audio in mini-jack. Just connected them to your soundcard and you are good to go.


A you'll get a controller with simple features, volume and mic mute. The black/green design matches the looks of the headset. And agin, the braided cable is 2.2 meters long, it's braided cloth so there is no twist resistance or added noise on the headset.

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