Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review

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Attitude One Tunguska 2.0

Specification and Unboxing Tunguska 2.0

As you can see we actually received a couple of these headsets, we'll be reviewing one piece of the 2.0 Stereo and one 7.1 Virtual Tunguska today.


The Tunguska 2.0 comes in a suitable cardboard box, with a photo on the side so you can see the product and its color straight away. We have a peek at the Tunguska 2.0, green edition. There are Orange, Green and white version of the Stereo 2.0 Tunguska. First impression, that's a great looking design, comfortable, and it sounds pretty darn good. 


Included in the packaging you can find the headset tied to a nice and lenghty 2.2m cable. The cable is cloth wrapped, not rubber, and that is great as you won't hear rubber banging and wrenching in that ear cone during gameplay. 


The Tunguska 2.0 is fairly heavy, around 350g I estimate. As you can see the 2.0 version mereley has a audio in and microphone jack. 


This stereo version is ACTUALLY fairly identical in design to the 7.1. There are some features the 2.0 doesn't have over the 7.1 model, for example there are no LEDs,  The green color is a deep vivid lime green, which is a bit hard to capture on camera.

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