Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review

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Attitude One Tunguska v7.1 USB



The Attitude One Tunguska Virtual 7.1 then. It comes with the same 40mm drivers which deliver good volume with a little less audio quality really. In comparison, a Sennheiser HD800 has 56mm drivers and a 40mm voice coil (because the technology is rather different, it's hard to call Sennheiser drivers, 'drivers').


The earcups are again big and padded, similar to the 2.0 with quite a bit of adjustment for comfort. It doesn’t hurt your head after hours of gaming.


Overall very comfortable. The headband on the V7.1 is similar to the 2.0, with little extra touches like LEDs, otherwise they are pretty much the same though. 


The boom microphone thankfully rotates away, but isn't adjustable or removable in other ways than that.

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