Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review

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Attitude One Tunguska v7.1 USB

Typically we do have a slight aversion to the USB chips in headsets. We feel they hurt sound more than they should, but Attitude One does know this and is using good quality USB chips in their headsets. The Tunguska headset uses (we assume), the C-Media CM6302.


If it is used then that is good, the C-Media CM6302 is a compelling audio chip, up to 16-bit, in 44.1 KHz or 48 KHz sample rates, DAC for output, and 16-bit, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz ADC (analog-to-digital conversion) for the microphone. Above the control pod, definitely a different one compared to the 2.0 stereo version. We spot four buttons that are resonsible for volume up/down, mute and mic mute. And in the middle there is some LED lighting going on.


The chip also integrates a DSP that enables Xear 3D (virtualized 7.1 sound). Normally that meas Dolby Digital support but while Xear 3D is supported, Dolby Digital isn't. It might be a licensing issue that is related to costs. You connect the 2.2 Meter braided cable to USB and Windows will detect the device as an audio device. For this Virtual 7.1 USB heatdset please do install the latest supplied drivers which can be found at the Attitude One website.



Overall the Tunguska v7.1 USB is very stylish, simple, even elegant in a minimalist sort of way. We have the USB cable hooked in the headset. Once powered on some stylish blue accents appear; yes a blue LED will emit light when powered on. 


Let me place the headset on a dark background to highlight the blue LEDs a tad better. Yeah, that's done tastfully. That's actually pretty cool. But lets dig a little deeper into the drivers and sound. Next page please!

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