Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review

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The tunes


The Audio performance of the Tunguska 2.0 is pretty damn nice, actually I prefer it over the USB 7.1 set. For the 7.1 I did use an EQ preset, the default sounds way too flat and unbalanced. Xear is activated. The first song is Adele, Rumour Has It. You can dream away in the song with Adele's impressive voice, and the Tunguska's delivers alright. Deep drums, a funky bassline and a clear sounding piano solo tops it off. I can confirm that you will likely need an EQ adjustment to get the sound up to snuff. Again with the 7.1 kit you'll find yourself disabling any kind of echo real fast. Once you've balanced out the EQ setting and likely saved it as a default preference then the headsets pump out some strong bass, clear voices and an overall excellent sound reproduction. The Tunguska 2.0 however has my perference.


For our second song we start up Triggerfinger with a cover from Lykke Li's I Follow Rivers. It's really a Dutch/Belgian hit song so... Youtube it. The drummer in this band uses a bassdrum the size of a house, seriously, a hobbit could live in there.

It is an acoustic live session. We hear a little grain in the treble but after a second it seems to filter away softly. It could be in the recording. BTW hint also -- listen to Cherry at 4:31 (if you are in a funky rock mood). For the 7.1, the stereo image is very stable and wide, wide thanks to the Xear Hall setting. It gives music a detailed sound really. With the settings above (perhaps a hint more bass and treble). But sure, music needs to have a little EQ love. 

For the final song we pay our respects to Adam MCA Yauch. We load up a FLAC of the Beastie Boys - Three MC's And One DJ. We again use the aforementioned EQ and Surround settings. Not surprisingly we have tuned the audio levels to our preference, and Three MC's And One DJ sounds great. The historic three's voices sound absolutely natural, the scratches make your head tumble in agreement and the bass... well it's just nearing perfection -- MixMaster cut faster...

With both the Tunguska's it's all about the subtle details, it's great for music with the EQ being used to bring up the bass and tweak treble. The 7.1 again has is being a little less dynamic in qudio quality with a hint too much reverb. The Tunguska 2.0 on the other hand impresses me very much.

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