Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headset review


A while ago we got in contact with a fairly new (to us) USA based company called Attitude One, and with such a name you can't really miss, can you? Attitude One is a new company that was founded back in 2011 and is targeting gamers, and they recently started distribution here in the EU as well. Attitude One is entering the gaming perhiperial market and offers a multitude of mousemats, mice, keyboards and gaming headsets. 

For this article we test and review the Attitude 1 Tunguska Gaming headsets. Both the USB (Virtual 7.1) and the regular (Stereo 2.0) versions are being put to the test in an extensive review here at Guru3D. The A1 USB headset works off USB and offers surround-sound and comes with nice 40mm and drivers that include Virtualized 7.1 surround sound, capable of offering 16-bit/48 KHz playback.

As stated we'll be testing a regular model that you can hook up towards your headphone amplified soundcard as well. This model is called the Tunguska 2.0 and has the following specifications:

The one of the better sounding headset we have used to date. But more on that in the review of course. The second model we'll put to the test is the aforementioned Tunguska 7.1 USB and has the following specifications:

By offering good looks and 7.1 sound (Virtualized) this set is likely being powered by a C-Media chip (likely CM6302). Connected to a power source it'll come alive with nice LED lights as well. The product has support for Windows 8, 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP. The product will carry a 2 year warranty ensuring that the Tunguska will last you a nice time.

Anyway, let's read onwards and find out how the headsets work and sound. 


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