NZXT Relay Speakers and Subwoofer review

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Usage impression/Audio quality

The Ergonomic Side of Relay

As for the installation - the subwoofer and right speaker connect to the left speaker, which is also connected to the mains to power its built-in power amp. Using the Relay speakers + subwoofer set is pleasant, but putting the volume control on the back wasn’t the best idea. Of course, you can use the SwitchMix, but not everyone would like it, as it’s an additional cost. There is no treble or bass adjustment. If you want to adjust the speakers’ sound, you have to do this using the software on your sound card. 


The Musical Side of Relay

The Relay performs very well in music, especially considering it’s a gaming speaker. Even without the subwoofer, the NZXT Relay Speakers do well, even though you shouldn’t expect miracles given the size.
As for the testing suite, we used the following songs (same as for the headset reviews):

• 2Pac - How Do U Want It

• Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven

• Guns N’ Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

• Limp Bizkit – Boiler

• Missy Elliott - Get Ur Freak On

We listened to all these tracks in lossless FLAC or played them on Spotify (320 kbps), and, as you can see, we covered a variety of genres. 
The Relay makes the bass sound rich, thanks to the usage of the subwoofer. The mids are very nice. The voices are clear, natural, and understandable, and the quality is pleasant. The sound is neutral; the highs are good (not sharp/harsh). The soundstage is shockingly wide, the imaging is really good for speakers in this price range, and the sound has nice depth and dynamics. The 80 W power that the speakers provide and the 140 W from the subwoofer are enough for the typical gamer setup. 



The Gaming Side of Relay

We also checked the set in the games, and it’s doing great for such TPP (GTA V, Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey), racing (Project Cars 3, Dirt Rally 2.0, or Forza Horizon 5), etc. games. For the FPP titles, especially the competitive titles (PUBG, Battlefield 1), it’s still better to use the headsets, especially since you usually need the microphone.
Only the subwoofer brings more color into the game, so scenes such as explosions or sequences become more lively and fun. The same applies to music or films played over the speaker system. Overall, the Relay provided a sound of more than enough quality; there’s a rather wide musical spectrum. The sound stage and speakers’ capabilities were very good, with enough depth and direction. The Relay is tuned to a very nice balance. You receive dynamic bass and clear voices. There’s no real reason to complain, especially considering this is a gaming speaker, not an audiophile product. All in all, the Relay Speakers and the Relay Subwoofer can be said that NZXT has done a good job with their debut. 


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