Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review

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Here we see the motherboard backside. Is there some TLC for cable routing? Hmm, of course, there is, but not plentiful for the PSU compartment as the backside SSD/HDD tray is in the way. So basically the PSU sits to the lower right, above it an HDD cage, in the middle that metal bar is an HDD/SSD mount and to the left the 360mm rad/fans placement. 


So let me zoom into the left side of that plate a bit, as I've told you there are more storage unit mounting options located on the backside. Here you can see that, it can be removed with two thumb screws and on the bottom side a small normal screw.


For visuals, I placed an HDD and SSD on there. The storage units can be mounted with rubber washers to prevent resonation (well at least for the HDD). Very easy stuff, you simply mount it to a plate. As mentioned at the rear of the chassis you can mount two HDDs into trays:


While very conveniently placed and handy with the drive tray caddies, there really isn't any ventilation for the HDDs, that does worry me a bit especially since they sit right underneath the motherboard and the processor, which can be a warm area slash hotspot.


Not a lot of motherboards have these already, but that is the mobo USB 3.1 Type C connector. Most 2018 motherboards have this new connection. 


And here the PSU compartment, Lian-Li is listing a length of 21 to 25cm for spacing, that's on the high side as you do need to count in the actual cables and connectors. You can also see that when you use the SSD/HDD tray, cables will fairly quickly run out of space. So albeit cable routing was well thought through, the PSU area with its connectors and cabling feels very cramped, so that is certainly not optimal.

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