Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review


Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic

We take the new Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic for a spin. Lian-Li officially has parted from offering an all aluminum only outfitted design, as they overhauled the mostly steel chassis design combined with a left-side and front-side mounted tempered glass panel. Yes, you've read it right, they are using metal opposed to Aluminum. With the reputation that Lian-Li has, will this PC case will set a new standard in the industry?

Built to impress the chassis the new PC-O11 Dynamic certainly has an intriguing design, nice cooling (once you add fans) and a lot of visual trickery harbored. See those tempered glass panels? These do not manually secure, you lift them up and out of there, no screws or anything has to be used. The popular PC-O11 line has been expanded with the PC-O11 Dynamic. The PC-O11 Dynamic is all about the looks but serves a very specific end user, really no fans are included and quite honestly, you need to use water cooling or add extra fans to even get airflow going.

The PC-O11 has a multi radiator optimized layout with a focus on efficiency as there are lots of meshes and venting areas. Let me reiterate that very clearly, the PC-O11 Dynamic focuses on liquid cooling enthusiasts. You hide your HDD/SSDs and pretty much only place the important stuff on display. At the backside there is some space for cable routing and even the power supply is positioned in such a way that it'll make you wonder how it all works.

Well, have a peek before we dive into the review with photos, lots of photos my man.


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