Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review

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As always, packaging first, let's open up that box and grab the Lian-Li O11 Dynamic, that's the one alright. Standard cardboard with a simple font & text. Mind you that the chassis comes in a white and black color option.


The chassis is covered in a plastic bag and then sits in-between two sheets of styrofoam. The chassis is carefully packaged, not a dent or scratch was found on it. Inside the chassis, you will also find a smaller box with cable-binders, manual, screws in all sizes and formats.


After unpacking, meet the darkness. We'll take the chassis into a white photo studio on the next pages to show a bit better what is going on there, as there is a lot going on. You'll immediately notice that the all dark chassis kind of gets interrupted by the front-panel connectors in a visual manner. Some, will not like that. 


The chassis has a deep dark design, nothing screams out loud or is overdone and it does resemble Lian-Li really well. The top panel immediately reveals the fact that we have a chassis at hand that allows for quite a bit of airflow - should you require it of course. The icing on top of the case is, of course, the two sides tempered glass side panels at the front and left which will 'open up' the looks and aesthetics, it's nice and thick glass as well.


The backside shows some freaky stuff, a mesh, the lower PCI Slots, then to the left a 3.5" HDD bay as well as the lower PSU compartment. One remark, as you can see, the black paint isn't totally black? This is visually perceptive. 

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