Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review

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You'll notice that the glass panel can be removed by simply lifting it upwards, the same applies to the front glass panel. The top cover is secured with two screws. Let me quickly show you something though:


The glass and top metal panels secure into place with extended steel pieces that are bolted on. Herein is a quality issue to be found. I expect that Lian-Li is going to see quite a bit of RMAs as during transportation with the accompanying g-forces these mounting bolts simply can snap and break off. It did so for our chassis on the top side panel. What you see on the right side, marked in red, that's one mount simply broken off during transportation, and these bolts are the only things holding the tempered glass and top panel in place. This worries me.


Okay so, to the lower left is the motherboard and VGA compartment area, all the way down at the bottom you could mount two 2.5" SSDs. We'll look more in-depth at that in a minute though. So you'll notice a CPU back-plate cutout for simple CPU cooler installation, however hanging behind it, is the HDD cage so that motherboard gap is pretty much useless. Please be aware of the fact that there's no space for anything 5.25-inch. We spot many cable-routing holes that have rubber inserts. Behind the motherboard tray at the bottom is where we will 'hang' the power supply. To the left, you can see that 360mm placement for a radiator or fans. That really what makes this chassis different from others. 


The top side radiator space reveals a vent cover/filter on top that can be easily removed and cleaned. The interior overall is well designed and there's just a lot of room to work with and in. All the larger components will fit easily as well as there is space for any form factor motherboard up-to E-ATX, though for the big format form factor you will need to re-position the motherboard studs.


Topside, seen from inwards. it can hold a 360mm rad as well as say 2x 120 or 140mm fans. If you mount a big rad there, you'll notice you'll quickly run out of space for the upper rubberized grommet hole though. And on that topic, we do notice see plenty rubberized grommet holes for cable routing. 

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