Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review

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I'll probably say this a couple of times, but I extremely dislike the massively sized backplate branding showing Lian-Li / der8auer. It's not that I have anything against branding and logos, it's just that it will be in your face all the time. That alone, honestly, would be reason enough for me to not purchase this chassis. Why this big?


Let's hope the der8auer branding doesn't follow the Fata1ty branding, which so many people hated and actually skipped purchasing the product for. Our advice, keep anything logos and branding wise aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive, then nobody would mind. Many brands get that. But that you see here is just distasteful, it is precisely the size of a 2.5" SSD in your face, all the time.

Right, we see some more meshing above, no normal sized fan can be mounted there though, so you cannot create an active airflow exhaust closeby the CPU and GPU. There is another problem with the design, look at the motherboard gap, below it sits the HDD bay that can hold two HDDs. not only does it block the motherboard tray hole, more importantly  .. there's just zero cooling there for your HDDs and at that spot there will not be any ariflow. 



As mentioned, motherboards up-to E-ATX fill fit. You get 8 PCIe Slots. The body of the chassis is all made out of 0.8mm SEC steel (painted). So again, only the front left bezel plate is aluminum. Your VGA cards can be up to 42cm CPU cooling may be up-to 155mm in hight.



At the bottom you may mount two SSDs, there's also room for one at the backside though, which we'll show you on the next pages.


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