Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic review

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Once unpacked, you can get a better grasp of what the PC-O11 Dynamic is all about. It is nice in length for a mid-tower chassis. The rather rigid, smooth exterior surrounds a frame that has room for high-performance components and the many forms of cooling you’ll need if you’re going to push those components to the edge. The materials used are aluminum (one small front plate) and glass making the material usage in balance pricing wise. And yes, glossy reflective glass does not behave well in white studio reflections wise, my apologies for that.



Let me just state that the photos never do a chassis any justice, you really need to see a build in a computer store or something. The chassis comes with a good size glass side window that will display the internal components nicely. The panels can be opened by simply pushing them upwards, which works great. Unfortunately, there are some quality issues, which we'll discuss in a minute.


Right, I already mentioned. This chassis does not come with any preinstalled or delivered fans, so you will have to create airflow. The chassis is designed with liquid cooling in mind, which up-to 360mm you can position pretty much anywhere at the top, front or bottom. The front side is however preferred. You can see the many meshes Lian-Li had to create for this. You need to like that, as all the meshes can be very disturbing on the eyes. I mean if you look at the photo above, that's what you are looking at, it's just not very sexy. 


The top panel as well has a vent for water-cooling and airflow purposes, here again ... you need to be not bothered by that as that kind of mesh is all over the chassis. BTW the top side is steel, not aluminum! In fact, very little aluminum is used for this chassis to keep the cost down. Only the front left bezel with the IO connectivity seems to be made out of brushed aluminum. 

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