GeForce FX 5700 Ultra & 5950 Ultra Review

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Page 6- The New Detonator Drivers #3

You think you saw it all ? Not really, you are on remember ? Several properties are hidden at default and for the advanced users among us these settings are quite interesting, you can enable it by downloading the Hidden Features patch from our Detonator driver file section. The results are additional options as shown below:

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The entire GeForce FX range has a temperature probe, you can now monitor temperature level which is a really nice feature. The temperature displayed above is the 5700 Ultra in idle in a closed case. When you try to toast the graphics card to it's max the temperature will rise towards about 60-65 Degrees C which is not bad at all. Look at that Core Slowdown Threshold notification. It's amazing that the GPU can pull such high temperatures.

The FX 5950 Ultra is even better with an idle temperature of ~36. There's another reason for the temperature probe though, it's nVIDIA's Smart feature. If the core will get too hot it'll automatically slow or shut down to protect the graphics core.

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New layout, here you can see you can check and change AGP settings in here and functions like Fast Writes. Quite important if you experience stability issues, not something you should temper with on the fly though.

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There are two tabs if you want to overclock with the help of the stadard drivers. Leave 2D alone, 3D is what you care about for gaming performance. If you want to overclock without the use the Detonator driver properties then use a 3rd party utility like RivaTuner or NVHardpage. Also, take note of that Auto Detect feature. The card will actually detect the fastest possible overclock for you ! That's tweaking made easy.

So, just click it, sit back and relax .. and your card will be overclocked automatically. It's quite accurate to be honest, don't rely on the end result too much though. I also recommend to use this feature once your system has been warmed up (ambient PC case temperature). So go play a game for ten minutes and then use this function.

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Clock settings in 2D mode. As stated, leave them alone.

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