GeForce FX 5700 Ultra & 5950 Ultra Review

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Page 11 - The PhotoShoot #5 - 5950U

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As you can see NVIDIA somewhat based the cooling design on the totally flopped FlowFX design from the FX 5800. They learned though, this one is not noisy at all. BTW if you want to see a really funny movie of NVIDIA mocking the 5800 drama then click here.

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Here we can see the cooling a bit more close from behind.
The traditional MOLEX power connector is clearly visible also, strong and sturdy. Also you can see the air exhaust of it's cooling solution.

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So what's the trick here you will ask Why again this design in cooling. Well, the original idea behind it is actually quite clever.

The extracts cool air from the outside of the case and blows it over the graphics core. So the cooling technique is not using any warm air from the ambient surroundings in the case.

On the left upper side you clearly see the air intake. Right now the only downside of this cooling is a practical one, it's size as it eats one PCI slot. No noise issues, no high sounding pitch and a graphics core that very effectively cooled down.

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Last photo's, both the 5700 Ultra and 5950 Ultra on display. Right, let's handle some benchmarks people !

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