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Page 15 - AquaMark 3 Image Quality

Image Quality
A small addition to the AquaMark 3 benchmark numbers is an image quality test we'd like to show you. As a lot of you would like to compare and see the differences between Radeon Directx 9 and GeForce FX Directx 9 graphics cards. IQ test are very difficult and time-consuming to do. So I'm not commenting on what I think is better. You can capture a screenshot at a specific interval a hundred times but it'll never be 100% the same. The captures as you see them are close to each other though, very close.

So here's what we did and what you need to do. First, if you are on broadband, congratulations ! Are you on-dialup ? Go to the next page now. The images you can use for comparison have been saved as .PNG file to ensure maximum picture quality versus compression. This means that each image will be 1874 KB in size ! That's right, 1280x1024x32 2MB images !

Once you download them you should get some software like ACDSee. With your '+' and '-' keys you can zoomin and with 'Page Up'  and 'Page Down' quickly switch between the images instantly and check out the difference precisely.

Each image was taken at frame 4000 of the benchmark, each image is 12x10x32. We captured them in the order as show in the table below, you can click on the link to download the image.

GeForce FX 5950 Ultra
Detonator 52.16
Radeon 9800 Pro
Catalyst 3.8
No AA - No AF No AA - No AF
4x AA - 8x AF 4x AA - 8x AF

each link you click will load up a 2Mb picture !
AA= Anti aliasing* - AF is Anisotropic Filtering**

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