GeForce FX 5700 Ultra & 5950 Ultra Review

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Page 4 - The New Detonator Drivers

The New Drivers
With recent happenings in mind, NVIDIA recently started working on a completely new build of drivers. To date this has to be one of the most discussed driver series. Although we did not have extreme amounts of time for this article, we did take a huge amount of screenshots of the entirely new set for you to watch and observe. We also did a few Image Quality comparisons which you'll be able to check out later in the benchmark section.

The upcoming three pages, you'll see screenshots of the new drivers. That's right, three pages ... I like to place a sidenote and suggest to NVIDIA that they create some sort of advanced mode for experienced users as for the normal PC consumer the new and huge amount of functions and features is getting too confusing for the average user. The driver we used is based on the new 52.xx series, in fact the 52.16 driver to be precise.

Let's have a look.

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The standard information, as you can notice we used the GeForce FX 5700 Ultra here, the driver build as supplied by NVIDIA was version 52.16 This build is very stable, installs easy as counting 1-2-3 but foremost we believe has really good image quality.

Copyright 2003

First up, OpenGL. Pretty much nothing changed here compared to the previous builds. Let's quicly move on towards the Direct3D tab.

Copyright 2003

The Direct3D settings. Again nothing new to find here. More important settings for Image Quality are handled in another tab for both OpenGL and Direct3D. When we unlock the drivers we do get another Direct3D tab though, take a look at the next slide.

Copyright 2003

This actually is a hidden tab. You can enable it
by downloading the Hidden Features patch from our Detonator driver file section. On the third page of these driver screenshots you'll see a lot of other hidden options also. Why this tab is so secret and hidden I really do not know.

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Here we see extended settings, you can lock and set the refresh-rate for all your resolutions. No more flickering in and headaches due to gameplay in 60Hz refreshes.

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