DeepCool QuadStellar review

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Product Showcase - Interior PSU Compartment

Product Showcase - Interior PSU Compartment


So, I am quickly diverting from the mobo area towards this segment for a minute, the PSU compartment. This empty space can hold even the biggest power supplies. 


Basically, you insert the PSU and secure it with four screws. In the upper photo, you can see two metal riser/extension plates made out of steel, that is the basis of the mounting system.  


Ehm yeah, it works, just four screws and the PSU hangs in there securely and tight as well. The length and space are fantastic as you can have a lot of wiring inside that compartment. 


Here again, if you'd put a LED light in there, the PSU could be seen through the tempered glass panel. And also, on the front side, there is a 120mm fan for airflow.

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