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Smartphone APP control

Smartphone APP control

We've talked about it a couple of times already. But the RGB / FAN / Active Air intake gates need to be controlled by a smartphone application. DeepCool provides one for Android and IOS. I'm on android can only account for that experience. In the Google Play store, simply seek 'DeepCool' and the QuadSTellar APP will be spotted and ready for download.

Please follow my procedure to properly the application working:

  1. Download the APP from Google Play
  2. Make sure you are within a meter of the Quad Stellar.
  3. Make sure your smartphone is using your local WIFI connection.
  4. Startup the APP and log into your home WIFI connection with the name of the WIFI network (SSID) and corresponding password. 
  5. I advise 2.4 GHz as I had an issue with 5 GHz AC WIFI.
  6. Select SCAN in the APP, the QuadStallar will now be detected.
  7. If your APP cannot find the Quadstellar, press the reset button on the management unit (located at the PCB) for 6 seconds during startup. and repeat the process.
I had the issue that DeepCool tested the unit before they shipped it, and it was still logged into their network in the control module, ergo I could not find the QuadStellar in the app initially. After the forced reset, it took just a few seconds.


Please make note of the fact that in the video on the first and last page of this review, I walk through the app to describe the functionality. In the upper screenshots at the left, you can see me connecting. The most right screenshot shows the lighting options. You can go wild here, individually assign colors per segment, choose a static lighting configuration mode, multiple animations and so on. Again this is demonstrated in the video. Should you not want to use the APP, you can always connect the fans to the motherboard, and the management unit has a connector to sync up the LED system to your motherboard LED connector.


Each LED element can be colored or animated separately. So if you wanted to disable the middle DeelCool logo that is possible. Your fans have two segments, intake, and exhaust, both can be configured separately with preassigned FAN RPM deltas ranging from Performance to Silent mode. We found Silent mode still to be audible, ergo I would advise you to select a Fixed speed and go for 500 RPM, which is silent whilst offering enough airflow. The most right screenshot controls the airflow intakes. You can see, there is a temperature sensor in the chassis. If it reaches 40 Degrees C, it will automatically open up the airflow intakes. You can thus also select this manually. 


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