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Product Showcase - The Build

Product Showcase - The Build


For this build I've inserted an MSI graphics card, to match the motherboard really. The chassis will allow all standard E-ATX, ATX, microATX, Mini-ITX motherboard form factors so most of the boards are covered. 



The easiest way to mount it is to place the chassis in an upright position, support it with a box or something on one side, that's very do-able. Mind you that the innards of the chassis do not come with any kind of LED lighting, so the LED elements you see are extras that I've inserted, a blue LED bar over the motherboard area and a red one matching the red colored graphics card.


Installation of a graphics card is downright simple, insert the card, secure it with two thumbscrews. It sits there comfortable and is mounted absolutely secure. We lead the riser cable to the upper PCIe slot of the motherboard, and well that's it really. One comment I need to make here is that you might need two PCIe GPU power cables if you have two connectors on your graphics card. I say this as the card sits higher, any cable at 75cm will do fine though, but often one cable has a connector at that 75cm, and then one connector sitting lower at 60cm, that lower one might not be able to reach the graphics card, ergo you might need two cables. 


Right, everything is installed, we put the panels back in place, quick check if it's working. And yay, it lights up. We're good to go.

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