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Product Showcase - Packaging

Product Showcase - Packaging



Once we had removed the protection film wrap plastic and tape, we ended up with that. I mean, that's like something alien sitting inside your house man. You cannot stop looking at it with all the angles, curves and compartments. Hey, it isn't even powered on yet. Now, do you see the four front side covers? There is a sensor inside the chassis, should the temperature pass a certain threshold, electrical motors will open up these what DeepCool calls Active Thermal Control gates. You've been able to check that in the video at the first page though. 



The base design of the QuadStellar hold four compartments, one holds your motherboard that can even be up-to E-ATX in size. The other compartments hold your power supply (length is not even relevant as it is that huge, another compartment can hold 8 x 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives (with additional 3 x 2.5-inch bays in the case). You can mount your graphics card into the motherboard, however with an included riser and mounting kit the top right compartment can be used for your GPU, actually up-to three GPUs full length could fit there. There's is just one riser kit (PCIe extension cable and mount) included. We'll show all of this during the build-phase of the chassis of course. For those that wonder, yes liquid cooling is supported. But as I found out, is a bit limited. You will be restricted to 120mm fan mount designs and multitudes based on that up-to 360mm. It can be done, but say something with a 140mm fan mounts will not fit (we tried).



The rear side does not reveal that much I guess. The photo is a little dark, but the lower left compartment holds the motherboard rear IO bracket positioning, the lower right compartment holds the power supply. Again, we'll show you all this once we start to build the setup. You'll also notice that each compartment, has its own tempered glass see-through window.



At the left top side, we see a front panel offering you two USB 3.0 ports and audio, which confirms it, this thing was made on the planet earth. The subtle DeepCool logo in the middle of the unit is actually the power on/off switch. 

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