DeepCool QuadStellar review

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Product Showcase - Unboxing

Product Showcase - Packaging


OK, we'll dive straight into the photo-shoot as we'll have a lot to cover today. As always we start off with packaging. Here is the colorful box, clearly denoting the QuadStellar, immediately showing what you can do on the front side RGB wise.



The chassis is protected in two Styrofoam blocks and a cloth bag. BTW it's a heavy kit alright, nearly 18kg my man, the chassis itself closes in on 15kg. 



Once you got the unit out of the packaging, you'll notice it has been covered with a synthetic cloth bag. Next, to serving as a protective measure, it really brings in that 'car unveiling' experience at home, ergo I took a photo of that. 


And once unpacked you can see the chassis a little better. Now before we move it into our bright white studio (which is horrible for photos with anything that has tempered glass or has a reflective surface) I wanted to show you some photo's in different surroundings. I'll admit immediately that you will need to like the actual style, it is a bit busy on the eyes. But the four compartments (PSU/Storage/Mobo/GPU) are just unique to see. 



Each compartment has added protection, plastic wrap on the inside and outside. Once removed .. the magic kicks in, and to observe that magic, browse to the next page to experience that. 

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