Deepcool Assassin IV air cooler review

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Product Showcase

 Product Showcase 

Deepcool Assassin IV looks very sleek. It’s like a black box, but many should find it attractive because of the lack of ARGB LEDs or a lot of plastic. This simplicity looks good.




The basic specifications of (PWM) fans (a Fluid Dynamic Bearing type with a 6-pole Fan Motor and 12 VDC)  are listed below:

  • 500~1700 RPM±10% (Performance Mode)
  • 500~1350 RPM±10% (Quiet Mode)

The fan airflow/noise/air pressure specs are stated below:

  • 79.1 CFM / 58.06 CFM /  ≤29.3 dB(A) / 2.44 mmAq / 2.1 mmAq (Performance Mode)
  • 63.76 CFM / 46.75 CFM/  ≤22.6 dB(A) / 1.58 mmAq / 1.35 mmAq  (Quiet Mode)



Magnets hold the top plate.



As for the radiator - it’s a dual-tower aluminium, one with many fins, so nothing that would surprise anyone.



The quality of the CPU base of the heatsink is more than sufficient.



The total size of the cooler is 144×147×164 mm(L×W×H) (LxWxH). As for the weight - it is 1575 g! That’s a rather huge result for such a type of cooler.



There’s no RGB available here, but you can find a selector switch to choose the fans’ low-noise or high-performance mode.

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