Deepcool Assassin IV air cooler review

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Final Words & Conclusion


The reviewed Deepcool ASSASSIN IV cooler performed great for an air cooler and handled both tested processors well. This time, it was the AMD Ryzen 9 7900X (in place of Ryzen 7 3700X) and Intel Core i9 13900K (as a replacement for the i9 12900K). It handled both tested processors (and it barely, but still coped with the i9 13900K with 35 dBA normalized noise). 



 The noise at the maximum rpm (1700) is definitely hearable. Still -  you can set your fan curve or select the Quiet Mode with 1350 max rpm. Attaching a third fan is possible if you want to try squeezing even more performance (the bracket is in the bundle). The price is relatively attractive (cheaper than the Noctua NH-D15). The dimensions are quite significant (although the height is only 164 mm), so the weight of 1575 g is a lot. There shouldn’t be any issues with the RAM compatibility due to using a relocatable 120mm fan.

Aesthetics, Design & Installation

Starting with the aesthetics, the Deepcool ASSASSIN IV looks nice and sleek (also thanks to the radiator powder coated in black). It has been appreciated with the iF Design Award 2023 and Red Dot Winner 2023. There’s no RGB available (but the illuminated Deepcool logo breaks the aesthetic a bit). The fans’ wiring is only one 4-pin, so managing it is not challenging. Installation is not time-consuming and relatively easy, so most (or all?) users should work without problems. As for the AMD, the system was easy, and you didn’t need to switch the backplate. You can mount a third fan to the heatsink, as the clips are provided, but it doesn’t look good. Also, the fan controller does not visually suit the rest of the package.



The Verdict

If you want a great-performing, sleek air cooler (appreciated with the iF Design Award 2023 and Red Dot Winner 2023) with no RGB functionality (except the lit-up Deepcool logo), then the Deepcool Assassin IV is a great choice. It has good RAM compatibility thanks to a relocatable 120mm fan. The performance is among the best of all the air coolers we tested, and the noise levels are more than reasonable in most scenarios. It cost 99.99 USD (similar to the predecessor and about 10 USD cheaper than the Noctua). The size of the cooler is reasonable (the height is only 164 mm, so it should fit in most of the chassis), and it weighs 1.575 g in total. Attaching the third fan is possible (although it looks a bit out of place). As for the nitpicking – the lit-up logo breaks the “dark theme,” and the bundled fan controller also doesn’t suit the rest (although you can attach both fans directly to the motherboard). The Deepcool ASSASSIN IV appeals to performance-demanding end-users who need to chill their processor based on heatpipe cooling, not the LCS (the trend for the last couple of years). Summing it all up – Deepcool Assassin IV deserves our “Gold” award.

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