MSI Releases MAG EZ120 ARGB Fans with Modular Magnetic Connectors

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MSI introduced the MAG EZ120 ARGB fans, now available on Chinese e-commerce platforms. The fans, available in both black and white at the same price, are offered in single units priced at approximately $24 USDand in packs of three priced at approximately $72 USD. The MAG EZ120 ARGB fans feature a dual magnetic modular connection system. Each fan frame includes embedded magnets, and pairs of fans are connected by magnetic modules. These modules not only physically connect the fans but also facilitate the transmission of ARGB synchronization signals along with power and PWM control signals.In addition to the magnetic connection, these fans support daisy-chaining with other fans of the same model and can connect to MSI motherboards using a 7-pin JAF single-wire connector.

The fans are designed with a nine-blade structure and feature reinforced Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) hubs to balance both air pressure and airflow, suitable for different cooling needs within a computer case. The technical specifications for the MAG EZ120 ARGB fans include a speed range of 0 to 1900 RPM. They can deliver a maximum airflow of 73.82 CFM and a maximum air pressure of 2.56 mm H2O. The maximum noise level is 28.82 dBA.


The three-pack version of these fans also includes a fan hub, which has four expansion ports capable of supporting up to 18 fans from the same series. This system simplifies the management of multiple fans, making it easier to maintain a consistent and effective cooling environment within PC cases.


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