PALIT to Introduce Hybrid Air and Water-Cooled GeForce RTX 40 GameRock GPU at Computex

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PALIT is set to unveil a new hybrid air and water-cooled graphics card from its GameRock series at the upcoming Computex event. This announcement comes after a hiatus in new card designs being revealed at Computex, primarily due to event disruptions caused by COVID-19 and the misalignment of GPU release schedules with the timing of the Taiwanese expo. The forthcoming model, likely a GeForce RTX 4090 or RTX 4080 SUPER, marks a significant departure from the series' traditional air-cooling only setup. The new GameRock RTX 40 GPU incorporates a substantial 3.5-slot to 4-slot design, featuring triple fan cooling alongside an integrated water block. This hybrid cooling approach is designed to provide versatility in thermal management, allowing efficient operation whether the liquid cooling loop is active or not. Such designs are not uncommon in high-performance GPUs and offer enhanced cooling capabilities over standard air-cooled models, which is crucial for maintaining performance under load.

Hybrid-cooled GPUs like the upcoming GameRock RTX 40 enable users to benefit from the lower temperatures associated with water cooling without completely forsaking the reliability of air cooling. This design flexibility is particularly appealing for enthusiasts and professional users who demand peak performance and minimal thermal throttling.


Source: Palit at X

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