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The Goods

On the next few pages we'll show you some photos. The images were taken at 2560x1920 pixels and then scaled down to a more web friendle format. A warning for dial-up users though, this is a broadband website. Pages like these can take quite a while to load up.

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Let's start off with one of the more beautiful products in this kit, the processor waterblock.

Installment of the block is quite simple. First off you need a mainboard with drill holes around the CPU and since all modern mainboards have retention clips for the cooler you probably are good to go. You simply insert four screws from underneath the motherboard, which are then then secured onto the metal guides until the water block sits flat and tight against the CPU. We'll actually show you that in the next pages.

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Designed for maximum performance and as our test results will show you later on, it really is maximum performance. We believe that this cooler is capable of removing at least 175-200W of CPU-heat, which is more than sufficient for our cause. Although chromic on the outside, the inner part it copper based.

Processor wise you can opt for any Intel P4 and AMD Athlon XP, FX and 64 processors, pretty much all sockets are supported by the new Aquapark Turtle waterblock (the one shown above is the older model).

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Here we see the mainboard chipset or also graphics core cooler. Each mainboard is controlled by a chipset, Example: Intel's Springdale or Intel 865 chipset. On the mainboard we have two chips that control everything I/O related. We call them the North- and Southbridge. The Northbridge is what you need to see cooled here, it's responsible for the processor, your AGP 8x bus, memory and thus very primary funtions of the PC. For many of you water cooling is all about overclocking. This is exactly why it is so important to cool down the Northbrige.

FSB overclocking will make the mainboard chipset extremely hot. This way it's cooled down effectively with no additional active noisy fan.The waterblock design is close to the graphics core cooling block. Same principles of attachement apply here.  If you do not want to cool the Northbridge then you can also use it as graphics card cooler, really flexible isn't it? If you have a Radeon or GeForce product it should fit, although I do not guarrantee it as we did not try that.

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You secure it with the included long screws, spring and thumb screws. You simply use these holes to secure the waterblock onto the videocard. It's easy to fit and the GPU/VPU will be tightly secured to the waterblock.

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