The AquaBox (passive watercooling)

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The AquaBox (passive watercooling)The AquaBoxProduct: Passive Watercooled processor and Chipset or graphics core
Price: 275 USD

Cooling my Guru's, that's what we're talking about today. An often underestimated issue. PC's these days are getting faster, hotter and louder. Most important of them all is of course heat, PC's these days are getting hot. And especially if you have a new model Pentium 4 processor based on the Prescott core, you pretty much will have a heat issue. I have two of these what I like to call furnaces here in the lab.

The trend over the past couple of years was huge fan/heatink combo's and basically a lot of extra cooling in the form of fans in that PC of yours. It really is a growing issue that is worrying me. A couple weeks ago I was at the house of an acquaintance and the minute I stepped into his house I could hear his PC. It makes sense, as your average PC these days has 4-5 fans at the very least. That much you ask? Yes: PSU, CPU, Northbridge (mainboard chipset), Graphics card, PC-Casing fan and often a HD fan.

The big issue is that heat is often only circulated inside of the PC, the fan blows away the heat yet makes the ambient temperature of your PC and thus other components warmer. So you need to find a method that can absorb heat or simply exhaust it from the PC. And that's of course where today's product comes in. From a relatively unknown company called Aquapark recently I spotted a review and I was very much intrigued by its concept. So intrigued that I requested a sample.

Aquapark my friends offer a kit called the AquaBox. This is a passive water cooling cooling kit with everything you need. What is passively cooled you ask? Simple, no fans are involved. No fans people, that means no noise!

Initially I was a skeptical about the design concept as I worried how well a passively cooled system can cool down a modern CPU, in our case an Athlon 64 4000+, but what if I tell you that we never ever topped 35 Degrees C with this kit, in complete silence!?

Interesting? Yes, of course it is. Let's talk a little about cooling and then startup a big photo session on everything that we did with this kit as it isn't just about cooling, it's also about aesthetics. You'll get UV reactive peripherals, UV reactive water and a blacklight to make it all light up like a Christmas tree. Really good stuff.

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A little preview of what to expect. Live in action, the AquaBox passive watercooling kit. A really stunning sight.

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