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Lian-Li PC V1000 Plus reviewPC-V1000 Plus Aluminum PC CaseManufacturer: Lian-Li
Distributor: Hampton Technologies
MSRP: $219

Cooling, my fellowship of Guru's, is something essential these days. It's an important factor in all modern PC's and an often rather underestimated issue. PC's in recent times are getting faster, hotter and louder. And especially if you have a new model Pentium 4 processor based on the Prescott core, you pretty much will have a heat issue. I have two of these what I like to call furnaces here in the lab.

There are several ways to cool down a PC silently, take for example watercooling. But there are other ways for sure. Lian-Li noticed this and for some time now have been manufacturing PC cases that have the cool look, a sweet design and are very effective when it comes to cooling. Today's test subject is made from 100% aluminum and it does not stop there. The entire layout, both in and external, has been developed to cool down the PC while making it look aesthetically beautiful.  And, although taste can differ, they sure succeeded with the

PC-V1000 Plus, an astonishing PC case with some pretty interesting airflow techniques, including cooling fans and ducts. If you take a quick peek at the animation to your right you'll get a slight idea what to expect in terms of airflow and cooling.

The mid-tower sized PC housing we'll talk about today is the newest case from the Lian-Li. 100% aluminum, silent fans and lightweight design are the keywords here. Hell, it even has a built in hand break! You think I'm kidding right? Well, guess again.

Lian-Li has a well known reputation in this type of business, pretty looking aluminum cases is what gave them their reputation. When I looked at a flyer from them I noticed that aluminum design is more than just a nice looking case. Aluminum has several other advantages. For one the case is seriously light, I think it averages only 6 kilo's. Lian-Li claims that their housing is approx 10 degrees C lower than your average casing, however I believe that the concept we're testing today goes even further.

This is a mid-sized tower with in it 5x5.25", 6x3.5" internal removable), 1 x 5.25" to 3.5" converter with a FDD bezel  and 1x CD-ROM bezel . There's more to the Lian-Li case though, this model has 3 additional fans located internally in the front, rear and inside of the case. High quality fans that are actually silent. Not your regular fans, nope we'll show you in the photo shoot how weird (in a mostly good way) everything is with this PC case. Included fans are two 12 cm bearing fans and a 12 cm blower fan. Also included is an air duct for your CPU and an air duct for the PSU fan, which will regulate airflow and sound of the PC.

Furthermore, the case makes use of thumbscrews and easy securing of the aluminum plating. I love them and it's equipped entirely with them. The big advantage of them is that you never need to use a screwdriver. Have you ever cut yourself while installing a mainboard? Well, that won't happen with the PC-V1000 Plus as there simply are no sharp edges. There was one spot in the case that was actually sharp, what did they do? They placed a plastic layer on it. Man there's just no chance of bleeding, how rude is that? ;)

All these are features that you and I love to see and most of all need and seek in this modern age and most of all gives you a good looking PC.

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Lian-Li PC-V1000 Plus Aluminum PC Case, at first gllance just a normal PC casing.

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