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The AquaBox (passive watercooling)Marvelous, that's what this kit is. Granted it's not the cheapest as you'll have to cough up 275 USD - 200 EUR for it. But let's place that in perspective. If for example you buy an Asetek kit you'll pay that amount of money also. Yet with this kit you get everything you need including waterblocks, tubing, the reservoir with pump, the lighting, UV reactive material and of course all the other essentials.

The actual setup of the kit is relatively easy. It will however cost you about 1-2 hours of time. Take it slow, do it relaxed and make sure there are no leaks. Once you have everything setup (use our article as a guide) you'll absolutely love this kit.

Performance of the kit is truly amazing, I did not ever expect a passively cooled kit to be so high performing. 35 Degrees C maximum is what we had on a very stressed out Athlon 64 4000+ processor while it as cooling down a very hot Northbridge also. Now granted, the Athlon is not exactly a Prescott based Pentium 4 processor on which you can fry an egg, but it's still really exciting.

There is no real downside for this kit except availability which right now is primarily focused in Korea and Japan. Next to that mounting the reservoir water tight as that's quite a hassle with the rubber plating and a gazillion screws. Availability you ask? The Aquapark people we talked to hardly spoke any decent English and here in Europe I have not seen the products in the shops (yet), so getting one of these kit's is the major issue for the most of you. I expect that in the Asian countries things will be a bit different. Especially after this review.

If you are able to spot one of these kits then do not hesitate, we really can recommend this kit. It is absolutely amazing to actually not hear the cooling. You will love the complete and utter silence and the fantastic looks of this kit. My compliments to Aquapark as they really did a nice job here.

You can visit the aquapark website here: which they still need to translate to English.

The AquaBoxProduct: Passive Watercooled processor and Chipset or graphics core
Price: 275 USD

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