Team Group Delta S TUF RGB SSD Review

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AS SSD Benchmark

AS SSD Benchmark

Another free tool, and - to boot - it's very easy to use. AS SSD puts the drive in question through some standard read/write tests (these are pre-configured, so no customization here). However, the results are incredibly consistent, which is why it's a favorite.

In terms of raw performance, the Delta comes ever so close to that magical 1,000 point barrier, falling just short. Numbers here are solid, though when compared to the Samsung drive, it is - to me - very evident where the score differential lies. Read/Write numbers come relatively close in most facets, save perhaps for 4K Write and 4K-64T Read. However, access time proves to be the overriding factor, here. AT's are almost doubled for both metrics when compared to Samsung. Some might call it unfair that I'm comparing perhaps the most widely used and - for lack of a better term - 'generic' SSD configuration out there, vs. an in-house number, but if you cannot reasonably stack up to a competitor that doesn't cost that much more, there is a problem.



AS SSD also offers a visual compression benchmark, which is handy. Whilst overall figures were actually very favorable when compared to Samsung's QVO drive, we notice a fair few 'dips' where performance briefly drops off. This is significantly more prevalent on the Delta than on the QVO drive, ergo you should expect to see dips and troughs in performance when performing larger/longer reads/writes off the drive over time. This wasn't a thermal issue, for the record, as the SSD was happily operating in the mid 40 to low 50's range for all of these tests.


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