Team Group Delta S TUF RGB SSD Review

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HD Tune Pro

HD Tune Pro

HD Tune Pro is an handy utility, and one of the few to provide a visualization (of sorts) of how the benchmarks are being run. However, we have also run the more general 'file benchmark' run, which measures the drive not in terms of read/write performance, but also IOPs (Integer Operations per Second). Again, results here for seqential read/write are less flattering than Crystal Disk Mark, but are still solid at nearly 520 and 470MB/s. IOP performance here is ok, perhaps a little weak on the 4K random single read side of things, but proving - perhaps contrarily to what is common sensical - much stronger on random write.

When compared to the Samsung drive, the Delta proves itself fairly well. Falling about 20MB/s behind in Write, but coming in surprisingly close in terms of Read. For value proposition, then (and from a purely performance/speed based perspective), the Team Group drive is looking exceptionally solid, at least in terms of what we have covered thus far.


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