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ATTO Disk Benchmark

ATTO Disk Benchmark

We move on, now, to the well renowned 'ATTO' disk benchmark. This is a really excellent tool, allowing for a very wide range of customization with regard to I/O size, file size, and queue depth. This allows for the emulation of a wide array of use cases, from short/sharp read/writes to significantly more extended operations. The latter is where one might expect to see performance dips, whether due to saturation of onboard SSD memory, or thermal throttling (more often in the case of non-cooled M.2 form factor drives).

The drive is saturated at anything really beyond the 64KB I/O depth, with gains in speed and performance being fairly minimal. Generally speaking, beyond a certain point, read performance of the drive is stronger than write, to the tune of around 35-40 MB/s (but this is hardly a surprise). The performance here, in terms of raw numbers, is entirely as expected, with the drive not quite hitting advertised speeds, but - again - that really shouldn't be a surprise. It gets to within roughly 20-25MB/s of the advertised 560/520, and that is good enough for me. Remember, manufacturers will always decide to use the most flattering numbers, which are often given by a test featured later in our suite. In fact, it might well be next.



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